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Everything flows: a walk through the cycles of Life.

Everything flows: a walk through the cycles of Life.
April 28, 2022
Dott.ssa Alessandra Politi
Everything flows: a walk through the cycles of Life.

The life of Woman and Man is a succession of changes.

Childhood, adolescence, the discovery of the body, the relationship with men/women, being (sometimes) a mother/father and then (not always) a grandmother.

There are many phases that we go through and that mark us. And each time they are a discovery, positive or negative, pleasant or less satisfying. We could

We could imagine the experience of each one of us as a walk from which the emotions of each from which emerge the emotions of each protagonist: tiredness and disappointment, vanity and embarrassment. The experience of each of us, the feminine journey in particular, could be comparable to a car, an off-the-shelf car. It is not enough to have a car, it is necessary to realise that, in order for it to go on. It is not enough to have a car, it is necessary to realise that, in order for it to move forward, it must be guided along paths that are not always easy. The driver of the vehicle is the Soul, our energy level.

How does it change?

Every 7 years, all of our cells are completely renewed: whether it is the skeleton or the organs, for some cells there is a fast turnover, others regenerate only a little over the years, while others never regenerate at all. So, if the cells renew themselves but we remain the same, it is like being the owner of the car who changes the tyres, buys new ones, but always the same as before.

On the other hand, it has been seen that if the ways of relating change, many other things related to the the individual can change.

It is therefore not only the vehicle that is important, but more important is who drives it.

In my twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, I have found the constant presence of a concept that I believe to be basic: we are made of Energy, the same energy that takes different forms as the whole flows. (from the Greek πάντα ῥεῖ, panta rei, literally 'everything flows'), the substance of the philosophical thought of the Greek Heraclitus, who was not by chance called "the philosopher of becoming", since for him everything is destined to change, vary and transform.

Not only must there be energy, but it must be able to flow, it must move, because where there is stasis, there is pathology.

The human being can be compared to a big clock that follows various cycles, each of which represents a birth and a death. with consequent transformation.

The woman, for example, knows very well the 28-day cycle that follows the lunar phase and which in turn is divided into 14-day cycles: there is also the cycles of the year,months, day, biorhythms, circadian cycles, the 7-year cycle in which all our cells are renewed, the cycle of food, of digestion, of the heart whose beats are made up of systole and diastole, and more.

Just as Life enters the physical body with the first inhale, so it leaves the physical body with the last exhale, we can define a respiratory cycle made of inhalation and with each exhalation the cycle ends and another begins.

Life and Death are two complementary concepts, but closely linked. As distant as they are part of the same rule that orders our entire Universe. Death is the situation that man tries hardest to remove, but it is only by learning to die that one can live.

It is often believed that Death is a point beyond which everything ends. process of transformation from one form to another.

There is no point in nature at which a cycle ends: every end, which seems like an end, is actually a process that allows a subsequent rebirth.

Death is what enables change.

"There is nothing immutable except the need to change." Heraclitus

When a certain period of life ends and closes there is always a crisis (from the Greek verb krino = to separate, in a broader sense, to discern, judge, evaluate. 

In common usage, the term has taken on a negative connotation as it is intended to mean a worsening of a situation. If, however, we reflect on the etymology of the word 'crisis', we can also detect a positive nuance, in that a moment of crisis, i.e. reflection, evaluation, discernment, can turn into the necessary condition for improvement, rebirth, and re-birth. in adolescence, for example, we experience abandonment, the definitive cessation of our being children; menopause represents the end of fertility; retirement is the abandonment of working life.

In most cases, these evolutionary moments of transit are experienced with a content of mourning and crisis  but, at the same time, they represent moments of great opportunity for renewal.

In order to continue to follow our path, it is necessary to go in time, to tune in with the physiological and psychical changes: we only have one life, it is never too late to do something new.

Everything flows: a walk through the cycles of Life.

Dott.ssa Alessandra Politi

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