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Benessere in Menopausa is the first medical aesthetic wellness method created for women going through the hormonal period from pre- to post-menopause who do not want to give up their face and body wellness.

We love to give women a result that is certain and tailor-made according to the hormonal period and effective according to age, only in this way can it be made to last for a long time.


Alone we go faster, but together we go farther.

A newly conceived integrated approach to support women during their hormonal, metabolic, psychological, sexual and aesthetic changes.

Our focus is to cooperate with healthcare professionals and pharmacies in educating women in prevention as early as the climacteric period, so that they can reach the menopause in well-being and health.

We like to think of it as a joint project.

Together we are the protagonists in the reinterpretation of the menopause: no longer experienced by women as the end of their femininity, but as a rebirth, a metamorphosis to be welcomed with positivity, thanks to the cooperation between wellness operators.

Stella Scarpa
Expert in the field of aesthetic / medical wellness
Marilena Pomante
Wellness operator for 27 years in the aesthetic-medical sector.

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