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Marilena Pomante

My name is Marilena Pomante and I have been working in the beauty and wellness sector for 27 years.

Marilena Pomante

In her private life, she is a mother of two daughters aged 15 and 16 and a wife. She loves being in contact with people, the outdoors and above all reading and meditating!

Meditation is something that is very dear to her!

"I will always have the respect of touching a body thinking I am entering a temple! Meditation allows me to find my centredness and clear strong emotions so that I can be a good channel through my hands. The energies of people touching each other come into contact and have an unimaginable power!".

Owner of the Marilù beauty institute in Tortoreto Lido (TE), the only centre in the area specialising in facial and body rejuvenation, the result of 27 years' experience in the field in collaboration with doctors specialising in the sector.

The continuous study and experimentation of numerous cases in the field of slimming and facial and body rejuvenation has enabled her to perfect and personalise her work programmes to the point of creating a cosmetic line designed to perfectly adapt to the work protocols used.

Marilena is above all the technical manager of the institute, having acquired skills and experience that allow her not only to identify with precision the most suitable and studied treatments for each person who comes to the centre, but also to predict the results with extreme precision. Her success can be attributed to the motto "we take care of your well-being".

Her passion for medicine, which led her to always work in close contact with doctors, was decisive, as was her four-year course of studies at the ISHIN Academy in San Benedetto del Tronto, with the constant application of Chinese medicine techniques, which helped to support the work protocols of high scientific value combined with technology, creating a truly successful holistic path.

By character, sensitive and empathetic, and always attracted to working in contact with the public, she has created her own mission: "to place the human being at the centre of the attention and care that he deserves and needs in order to evolve and bring out his talents". She does not like to work on beauty as an end in itself, but on the self-esteem and awareness of the person, especially the woman, who goes through different phases in her life according to her hormonal periods of reference. In the course of her constant research studies and updates, she comes into contact with countless professionals in the sector, with two of whom she has an important exchange of experiences: Stella and Simona.

The Benessere In Menopausa project is the result of the focused work of Stella Scarpa, who three years ago laid the foundations for what will become the most beautiful project dedicated to women at a particular and important time in their lives. An innovative project, complete, surgically designed without leaving anything to chance, non-invasive and with surprising results.

The experience gained over the years and the direct comparison with colleagues has given rise to a project even more focused and targeted on women going through the various stages ranging from pre-menopause, menopause and post-menopause that the Marilù Benessere Institute is proud to present as the flagship of its treatments. A real challenge that has attracted leading doctors to the project, creating the current multidisciplinary Benessere In Menopausa team.

"We meet and immediately recognise each other when we come into contact with the people with whom we are going to share our greatest passion or even our greatest mission!" she says, showing that typical gleam in her eyes typical of those who have joy in their hearts!

Today Marilena finally sees the project of a lifetime realised, shared with prepared and passionate entrepreneurs and made available to make our wonderful planet at least a little bit better.

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