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Stella Scarpa

An entrepreneur in the beauty sector, owner of Esteticamente Stella and Stella Scarpa Beauty Personal Trainer, the first anti-ageing centre in the province of Pesaro-Urbino.

Stella Scarpa

Stella Scarpa defines herself as a "BEAUTY PERSONAL TRAINER", as, for 15 years, she has always been attentive to the wellbeing of her clients, especially women, who often find themselves in a condition of aesthetic discomfort that leads them not to recognise themselves in the mirror.

Stella has worked around this important focus: to represent a new professional figure, that of the "BEAUTY PERSONAL TRAINER", able to stay close, with competence and professionalism, to women, supporting them in the various aesthetic changes that life proposes, in adapting to the different hormonal periods that occur. Aesthetic changes, both in terms of skin and body shape, are many, starting from the age of puberty, through pregnancy, breastfeeding and up to the moment when we prepare to enter the phase of what Stella calls 'adolescence in reverse', the menopause.

In 2017 she was the first entrepreneur in the beauty sector in Italy to specialise in the aesthetic care and functional wellbeing of menopausal women.

Her work of research, training and constant and continuous experimentation, always accompanied by medical staff, on hundreds of different subjects, has allowed her to give birth to her great project BENESSERE IN MENOPAUSA: the first aesthetic/medical treatment method, highly performing, that respects and is available to the woman from pre- to post-menopause through a multidisciplinary approach. A woman who goes through this particular and delicate hormonal period entails major problems in terms of skin health and body weight gain, representing a moment of strong change in her appearance that often leads the woman not to accept herself and to enter depression, thus compromising her family and social sphere.

This method, Stella is keen to point out, is completely independent of cosmetic companies and equipment distributors, which are adopted by every beauty centre with standardised treatment protocols. Benessere in Menopausa is a truly personalised pathway that respects the physiology of the individual woman, based on her age and hormonal period of reference, a detail that cannot be overlooked and which will ensure certain and long-lasting results. Stella calls her specialisation "surgical", so much so that, in collaboration with an important cosmetic laboratory, she has realised her great dream: the creation of two cosmetic lines under her own brand name: MIA and SEMPRE BELLA.

Three years ago, her innovative streak led her to be chosen as testimonial at the largest beauty congress in Italy at the Palacongressi in Rimini, and to be recognised in front of an audience of 1,200 people as a successful entrepreneur in the beauty sector and as an example for specialists in the beauty and wellness sector.

Over the years, her passion for training and her desire to share has led her to create the ESTETICAMENTE CAMPUS, a special training academy within her business, which sees her in the role of Beauty Coach, teaching and passing on her 15 years of study and theoretical and technical experience, gained in this sector, within what she calls a precious staff.

Another important qualification that sets her apart in her profession and field of operation is having obtained, 6 years ago, a certificate in oncological aesthetics as an APEO (Professional Association of Oncological Aesthetics) Aesthetician, until obtaining, after passing several examinations, CEPAS certification, with its identification card, which has allowed her to enter even more into synergy with the medical staff and to become a reference for them for the patients they treat.

A very delicate and demanding training process that sees her participating in constant and continuous annual updating at the Policlinico di Milano.

This path within oncological aesthetics has allowed her to receive the theoretical and practical knowledge to carry out functional wellness treatments on people who are facing therapies, oncological and otherwise.

The skills acquired during the course make it possible to alleviate the painful and disabling effects and to counteract imperfections that also affect the patient's social and psychological spheres in order to improve the quality of life.

The theoretical and practical know-how of the APEO beautician can contribute to the well-being not only of cancer patients, but also of people suffering from diabetes, dermatological disorders, hypersensitivity, somatisations.

Her studies were greatly rewarded when she was nominated by the Pesaro-Urbino Confcommercio as a 'Woman of Genius' for the beauty, health and wellness sector at provincial level, for having succeeded in bringing together the worlds of aesthetics and health through her two specialisations: oncological aesthetics and menopausal wellness.

But Stella didn't stop there, she wanted to share her precious project "Benessere in Menopausa" (Menopausal Wellness) with a valued colleague and companion of various paths, studies and personal growth training: Marilena Pomante, a professional perfectionist dedicated, for over 30 years, to the care of the "Unlocking of the Body" of women in a natural and holistic way, who has become her precious partner and colleague in entrepreneurial adventures. Her spirit of sharing derives from Stella's inner motto: "Alone we go faster, but together we go further.

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