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When dieting doesn't work

When dieting doesn't work
June 30, 2021
Marilena Pomante
When dieting doesn't work

This is a subject I have wondered about a lot over the years.
Mathematics teaches me that 2+2 is 4, but when we are dealing with the human being and his physical and psychological processes, there is something to think about.

Have you ever gone back on a diet and what you were doing before, which worked in a short time, at a certain point no longer works?

And maybe you resign yourself to saying that after all you are over 40 and that having had pregnancies your body has changed permanently or that having gone through the menopause your body is no longer able to repair itself? AS IF EVERYTHING ENDED WITH THE FERTILE YEARS!


There are many causes.

  • Your diet is poor in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and water, and does not provide the hydro-saline balance needed to activate the repair processes that we all have.
  • Your body is giving signals that it needs attention that you are not giving. Irregular bowel is one of the major causes of intoxication and weight loss; this opens up a very large chapter that needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Inflammation of the assimilation system: the stomach, the organ where the food bolus arrives to be broken down, does not have the right terrain to carry out its functions (malabsorption of nutrients). If you do not ensure a nutritional balance, the body will not be able to repair itself.
  • Contractures and changes in posture due to bad working positions. This is also a fundamental aspect: there are no empty spaces in the body, so if a muscle contracts and "curls up" in one place, it will compress the organ underneath, altering its functionality. For example, in the premenstrual period, when the uterus swells and fills with blood, the intestine, which is behind the uterus, will be compressed, causing an obstruction to the elimination of faecal material, etc...
  • Alteration of the sleep-wake cycle: during the night, fundamental processes are activated that can restore tone and beauty to our bodies; GH, growth hormone and melatonin are produced during sleep. GH stimulates the synthesis of proteins needed for skin tone and firmness and stimulates the use of fats to produce energy in the body, contributing to an increase in lean body mass. Melatonin counteracts stress hormones and burns fat while helping to renew tissue. Melatonin peaks around 3 to 4 a.m., GH during the deep sleep phase. Basically, poor sleepers create the right conditions for weight loss.
  • Taking medication

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When dieting doesn't work

Marilena Pomante


My name is Marilena Pomante and I have been working in the beauty and wellness sector for 27 years.

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